FAQs about Entertain

What media types can Entertain play?

Entertain can play video, images, tickers, and even URLs, meaning you can schedule your website to run on the screen. Your content will loop on the screen like a “slideshow” until the End time you have chosen.

For multiple screens, how many devices do I need to buy?

You’d need to get one Entertain device per display screen. However, you can manage all your content from one account if you so choose. This helps our customers minimise the login accounts and keep things simple!

I already have a screen. Can I just buy the Entertain player?

Yes. Entertain can use any screen for digital signage.

I have existing videos/images that I’m ready to display. Can I do this?

Yes. All you’d need to do is upload these files, schedule a campaign, and you’re done.

I don’t have existing content. How can Entertain help?

Entertain has Publisher, a built-in template creator. You can use our predesigned templates to tailor to your needs or create a new design on Publisher from scratch, or engage us to do this for you.

How will I learn to use the platform?

There is a Detailed User Guide available on our Support page. We also conduct a fortnightly training session to help customers master their platform and ask any questions.

What makes Entertain different?

Entertain takes a DIY approach to signage, which is what our customers love. The pricing can be very affordable as a one-off cost, or you can choose a suitable financing option. The software is tried and tested and optimised to be extremely easy to use.
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