Unless otherwise written in the proposal, the following assumptions and exclusions are in place when Five Faces or Entertain Digital carries out installation works on a customer’s premises. Acceptance of Entertain Digital’s Quotation/Proposal creates a legally binding contract between the Customer and Entertain Digital incorporating the Quotation/Proposal and these Assumptions. Entertain Digital will give the Customer a written confirmation of any agreed variation for review and response within 24 hours, after which such variation will also be accepted as per the terms of these assumptions and associated order variation.

We take pride in our service and will seek your assistance to ensure an efficient and timely install. The following are key notes for your reference:

Customer Responsibilities (prior to installation date)

  • Entertain Digital assumes the availability of active power (GPO) at the location of each install. Power boards may be provided and used where necessary.
  • Active data or wireless network details play a crucial role in installation and are assumed to be supplied as per requirements.
  • When executing ceiling-mounted pole installations, access to the ceiling space is expected to be within 0.5 metres of the pole ceiling entrance to ensure safety and precision.
  • Since Entertain Digital does not provide any engineering certification, we trust our customers to ensure that all walls and structures being impacted (directly or indirectly) are capable of bearing the weight of the installation equipment and activity safely.

Equipment Storage and Access

  • Since Entertain Digital delivers equipment to the site (prior to the installation date), it is assumed that the technician/s will be given access to this equipment on the day of installation within a reasonable timeframe.
  • It is best practice to grant site access to the technician/s immediately upon arrival; this helps prevent any variance on installation time and costs.


  • Since installation involves significant freight and conveyance for technicians, any parking charges incurred during the process will be passed to the Customer.
  • A typical install occurs between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday (not including QLD public holidays). For any outside-of-hours installation work that may be required, please contact your account manager as out-of-hours work has premiums associated with it.
  • Any incidental materials or unexpected site challenges may incur a variance of time and materials; this will be quoted at the time of identification (for example, as it is not possible to inspect the internal ceiling space prior to installation, extra fitting time may be required to affix a ceiling mount pole due to access obstruction).
  • Site revisits will attract variance fees for reattendance time, and it is not guaranteed that it will occur on a subsequent day.
  • Entertain Digital will coordinate with the Customer and aim to find a mutually suitable time for equipment delivery. In case of rejected or missed delivery, however, redelivery costs will be passed to the Customer.

Provisions and Allowances

  • Entertain Digital currently makes no provisions for working with asbestos or other hazardous materials.
  • There is no allowance made for any EWP (elevated work platform) equipment.
  • There is no allowance for core holing, cutting, reinstating or making good of surfaces.
  • There are no allowances in place for the liability for losses incurred during the installation of services or associated works. These include, but are not limited to, damage to underground services, concealed services, physical loss, monetary, data, or consequential losses.
  • Entertain Digital currently has no provision for working on Union sites.

Should you need any of the above provisions, please discuss this with your point of contact at Entertain Digital to ensure appropriate quoting within the proposal.

Speak to our team for any queries regarding our installation process. We are here to help ensure your installation runs professionally and safely at all times.

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