Digital Display Kits

For all industries from retail to health to real estate, our digital display kits are complete solutions equipped with hardware and software to make your signage journey that much easier. The Entertain Platform will run beautifully on your screens, allowing you to schedule content on the go and even allowing you to make live changes to templates created on Publisher (Entertain’s built-in Content Creator).

There’s a reason for the popularity of digital signage in recent years; it’s that digital signage has been proven to not only attract and engage the target audience, but also to better reinforce any type of messaging. Whether you want to put up promotions, health and safety messages, product offers, menus, staff communications, or anything else at all, these digital kits will make it not only possible but too easy.

Play videos, slideshows, tickers and URLs. Just upload and schedule files if you have them, or use Publisher (or engage us to!) for some templates that you can update LIVE. Attract customers, staff, visitors, and anyone else you wish to target.

A number of size and budget options are available, to suit every requirement. Download the brochure to get a full view of the options available to you, and contact us for prices. 


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