Entertain Player

The Entertain player can be plugged into any screen for instant signage. 

A low-cost, powerful, cloud-managed device, Entertain can help you attract more, sell more, and keep your audience interested in what you have to say. Entertain is ideal for menuboards, shopfronts, reception and waiting areas, foyers, offices and more. 

Entertain lies at the heart of all our digital solutions. Whether it’s a 21 inch point of sale (POS) screen or an older TV with an HDMI port or an outdoor high brightness display, Entertain goes. You can of course purchase your screens from us or shop around for your favourite options.

Manage multiple screens from one login

You can buy as many devices as you have screens and manage your content on all from just one account (login). Setup is simple and minutes long. Once your setup is done, you can manage the content from anywhere, even via a mobile device. No more plugging in USBs or changing posters!

Entertain’s once-off cost is a favourite with many customers as it has no ongoing subscription or support fees. You can opt for this or take up one of our financing options… being flexible is our mantra. 

Play a range of content

Entertain can play videos, images, URLs and tickers (where your message scrolls across the bottom of the screen, like in the news). You can even play a URL, meaning you could have your website run on the screen or access breaking news feeds from media outlets such as SBS or other online video content, just like a web browser. 

Use your own content files, or create new content with the built-in content creator, Publisher to get professional looking designs, no special skillset required! The advantage of Publisher? These templates can be updated live to the screen, making changes in prices, names, images etc. extremely easy and instant without you having to upload and schedule another file. 

Schedule as you like it

How do you like your content scheduled? On the fly or planned? Changing every week or “set and forget”? With Entertain, you can make unlimited updates and even have different content on different days, so it’s always fresh and always relevant to the audience before you. You can of course schedule different content to different screens or play the exact same campaign on all, without having to remember multiple different logins. 

DIY… Or Don’t.

What customers love about Entertain is the DIY approach it offers for digital signage. If DIY is not for you, take us up on our services where we can help you with everything from hardware to install to content creation. Talk to us and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs and your budget. 

More bang for your buck

Entertain gives you an extremely low-cost, powerful solution to your digital signage needs. Discounts apply as the number of units you buy increase. Talk to us to learn more.


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