Portable Display Kit

Our Portable Display Kits are complete solutions that come with a screen. Available in 22 inch, 32 inch, and 43 inch options, with WiFi or 4G.

A portable display kit is the perfect solution if you want a ready-to-go complete solution without any install. The Entertain player, which powers all the signage, is securely encased in the back.

The sturdy stands are made of powder coated stainless steel. Your kit will weigh between (approximately) 25 and 34 kg, making it stable and long lasting.

Whether it is to display promotions inside a store, give directions, menus, OHS announcements, wait room content, play a URL, or more, the PDK is an ideal solution. These displays are also perfect for circulating COVID-related social distancing and hygiene messages. This is one of the quickest ways for you to adopt digital signage at a very competitive price, especially if you want to be able to move it to different locations within your facility. 

Our PDKs are assembled in Australia, making the turnaround process super fast for Aussie-based businesses. WiFi and 4G options are available. Chat to us for more.


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